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About Bilmek

Evaluating the news critically while appreciating the little things in life.

As the world gets messier and more chaotic, we increasingly need to learn to evaluate everything critically. As postmodernism promotes meta-narratives, which bend facts according to the system you believe in, we must discern fact from fiction. Coming from Turkish, Bilmek means “to know.” We must attempt to understand the “story” behind an event and the motivations driving the actions before we react.

Not that God does not rule over world happenings, but we see God’s definite work in our daily life more easily. Try as we might, we cannot understand how every culture thinks—even after stereotyping them. We often take things that happen regularly in our life for granted, such as running water and heating in winter. Bilmek will strive to present things in a new perspective and allow us to cherish things we no longer give thanks for.

Let us learn to evaluate the news critically and appreciate the little things in life together in this publication :)


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