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Lewis & Quark


Ever-Present Monster

He ran until his legs went numb.

His ran until his chest heaved in agony.

He couldn't turn back or he'd lost the fight.

He shouldn't turn back because that wasn't right.

His legs were failing, though he could feel no pain.

He had to find shelter, he had to take a rest.

He had to catch his breath, he had to keep running.

He couldn't let it catch up, he couldn't face it again.

He heard it coming, coming ever closer.

His heart raced inside his chest.

His vision narrowed, his mind was racing.

His adrenaline started, he felt at the ready.

He knew these effects were the creature's fault.

He had to run, he had to escape.

He couldn't hide, it always found him

He couldn't move, now it had found him.

He couldn't run, he had to fight it.

He brawled and clashed but he couldn't win.

He was now lost in its darkness.

He had no more strength, he had no more will.

He returned to the world.

He let it determine his path.

He regretted the choice.

He looked out to the thing he desired.

He knew it was no longer within his reach.

He felt the monster inside smile.

He knew that fear had gotten hold of him once again.
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