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Early Era of Literature

Early Era of Literature

When the land to the west was all but new
And of what it contained no one knew
Regardless many decided to cross the sea with
The marvelous captain whose name was John Smith

And at this time it's a shame that no one had ever heard
Of a writer man whose name was called William Byrd
And at this time it was also just a tad bit  cruel
To have not heard of a writer of which was called Sewal

The colonists from England had started their new lives
The children, the men, and all their wives
And with these lives, they had decided to write
Of their please, of their fight, and of their might

Yet in all that, they had decided to pen
They talked about the one to whom they said amen
No matter the hardships, no matter the trials
When they thought of him they kept their smiles

As time went on the styles in which they wrote increased
They now had time for frivolity, both man and his beast
In this time the first women did write, oh what a feat
The name of this infamous woman is Anne Bradstreet

The focus for the fine people of the colonies was now fun
They now had no need to be of afraid, of man or gun
Unfortunately for them, this time of peace was soon to end
For soon without Britain, they would have to fend

In this time they sought to separate from their mother
A country that was now nothing more than a bother
They fought and fought, through all the terrible pain
Aided greatly by a man whose name is Thomas Paine

After the war, the country had gone a changed completely
Creating writers such as the one called Phillis Wheatley
They had won the war and freedom was now theirs
Now they had to learn to write about all new affairs
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