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Lewis & Quark


As I was walking along the shore
I ran into this rather large crag
And as I wanted to walk some more 
It seemed to me I had hit a snag

I could not see any way over
Nor could I see any way around
I had no more luck than a clover
Upon my new problem, I did frown

I tried to find a way to get past
I tried any idea I could think
I was losing my patience and fast
And my cheeks were flushed a rosy pink

I was on the verge of giving up
At this point, I had lost all my hope
When out of nowhere came a wolf pup
And when he saw the crag he didn't mope

What he did next was so simply done
He retraced his steps, ran, and then jumped
I was amazed, this battle he had won
In this dilemma me, he had trumped

So I took to heart his example
I backed myself up and took the jump
I found that of this I was ample
The wolf had released me from my slump

As I went and finished my walking
I thought about my misconception
I went along not even talking
What faltered me was my perception
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