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Mistaken Identities and Straight Lines

What’s your initial mental reaction to the book The Horse and His Boy?
If you're my best friend, you think of an "incredibly boring book I have yet to make it through".
Some of my audience may think of fencing, fighting, chases, escapes, true love, or miracles.

I am always reminded of Lewis' illustration of God's care for his children, his knowledge of the future, and his providential work in every life.

For those of you less familiar with the story, Shasta is our main character.
A young boy growing up in a miserable childhood, who is glad to learn his abusive father is adoptive, who gains the chance to escape, but believes that everything is working against him and his companions on their travels to Narnia. He complains of delays and about the many terrifying lions that the travelers have had to escape. Shasta complains about tired legs, sore feet, and that he is the one who must continue journeying even when his companions are granted rest.
But, there was only one lion that Shasta met in all his travels. That lion was the great lion Aslan. Aslan was the one who forced Shasta to meet the companions that helped him along the way. Aslan is the one who motivated the travelers. Aslan is the one who saved Shasta's life when Shasta was only an infant. 
Aslan does not reveal the meaning of everything that he did through the story to Shasta ("I tell no one any story but their own"). What Aslan does show Shasta is how crucial Aslan's guidance was to the travelers and to the salvation of Narnia.

We rarely get to know what God is doing in our own lives. In fact, I am often petrified because I don't know where I can serve God the best. But I have to remind myself that He will direct my steps and that He will put before my feet the path He wants me travel on. Pray that God will give you peace in the knowledge that you cannot interfere with God's plan for your life.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. -Psalm 119:105

How has God directed your life so far?

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