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Lewis & Quark

Life's Best Freedom

Life’s Best Freedom

Of muck and mire your life is filled
And to your bones have you been chilled
You’ve looked around and down below
But up is where your eyes should go

Your life is burdened and you are weak
And in everything It’s peace you seek
But if it’s peace that you wish to find
Look to the God who is always kind

Instead of looking up above
We tend to look at things we love
But in those things what do we find
The claws in which we are entwined

We try and try to get ourselves free
But how oh how would we find the key
To break the chains that hold us down
And adorn God's almighty crown

In him doth joy and peace abide
It’s you for whom the lamb did die
So take the claws and them unfurl
And into the depth satan hurl

“I am the Way” is what God did say
And away from him you cannot stray
For he’s the only choice you possess
And to him you must want to confess

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