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Come Lord Jesus

Depression is not sadness; it is loneliness.
It is the realization of how sin has separated us from our creator God who created us to dwell in union with Him. 

Anxiety is not stress; it is conflict. 
It is conflict raging in a battle between Satan and God, a war fought in our souls that’s already been won. 
It is conflict that makes us long for the peace of God that surpasses all understanding, a peace that is being worked in us and will be perfected in our sanctification. 

Let Christ’s glory be your priority, and God will set the rest of your life in order. 
Remember that you are a Child of God and Christ’s little brother or sister. He is always with you. 
Know that God is working in your life. Know that His Work will not be complete until the last great day. 

Praise Him! Come Lord Jesus, come. 
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