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Lewis & Quark

A New Year
This last year has been fun
But now this year is done
It is time to put up your caps
And unbuckle your bootstraps

This past year has been full of good and bad
This past year has been full of sad and glad
But ‘ere it ends is where we stop
It is ‘ere we must close up shop

The final night of the year comes to an end
This year and the next they do blend
And the memories of this year past gone
Are mixed with wishes of what’s to come

So while the fireworks they do boom
The flowers of next year start to bloom
The old has gone the new is here
As the start of this next year

So start promising yourself that you’ll not
But honestly my friends, it is all for naught
For the things that you promise yourselves
Almost never make it off your brain’s shelves

So stop looking down and start looking up
Stop looking to yourselves for a start-up
Look to the One who holds the world
And your plans will undoubtedly become unfurled

Cause only with His help do you stand a chance
Only with Him do your chances enhance
With Him, things are easier than they appear
And with Him, your problems will be solved this coming year

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