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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

The snow was falling to the ground with a very cheerful bliss

And when it fell on your tongue you’d feel it’s cold kiss

The merry sight of the frosty, sparkling white floating free

And here my child you will see, you’re as happy as can be

The swirling flakes dance around like many at a ball

And while the dance and twirl around slowly do they fall

They light the day with glaring bright as they smile through the day

And you my dear shall soon see why all must break away

For those that stay inside pouting, grumbling, and more

Get laughed at and poked at and called quite the bore

“So I shall stay inside today,” said no child ever

They go outside and play along with anyone whomsoever

They laugh and play and smile away while having fun in the snow

And as time goes on and the day ends away and the wind begins to blow

they’re called inside by their parents as the end of day has come

they eat their supper and drink their cocoa and munch on wild plums

for the end of the day has come already but no one is quite ready

to head to bed and close their eyes cause they can’t stay quite steady

for the snow is calling out to them and they want to play again

but their parents shoo them off to bed and the children groan in disdain

for night has come but the snow outside’s still falling

and tomorrow morning early and bright the children will go calling

for the friends to come on out and play once more in the snow

and the day repeats itself once again and how it ends, we all know.
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