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The Joy of Cartography: Supplementary Tools

     Welcome back to the Joy of Cartography. It's been quite a while since the last one, but here we are again. I wanted to take the opportunity to give any of you aspiring cartographers some handy online tools that I've discovered.

       First of all, the Cartographer's Guild. The Guild is an enormous community of map-aficionados, each of whom shows off their most recent art, hold contests, and encourage new comers to the trade! Just a quick scroll through their forums will present you with tons of tutorials and materials that they have for Cartography.

       Secondly, Inkarnate. While the website does have pro plans which cost money, they do have a version of their site for free. Even with the limitations brought about by not having the pro package, it still has a hundred assets, and many tools for ease of drawing and creation. So, allow me to illustrate (hee) the wonders of Inkarnate.

       Here is what Inkarnate's blank canvas looks like:

     And here is what the map looked like after I messed around with it for 15 minutes:

      Pretty neat. I myself am not very familiar with this tool, but I'd say this is a good example of what the website can do (Please excuse my atrocious, off-the-cusp, world building).

     Anyways, this is a shorter article, but more is coming in the future. I have done a fair bit of planning and am excited for the content ideas I came up with over the first week of Christmas vacation. Stay tuned!
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