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Moving Forward—Announcement!

Coming back from a blogging hiatus, I have a new goal for this publication. Not exactly a new goal, but one in a slightly different direction:
"Evaluating global events critically and appreciating the small mercies of God in life."

I will also rename this publication to Bilmek, which means "to know" in Turkish. 

  • This reflects the incorporation of smaller incidents that we take for granted. We all live normal lives, after all. 
  • I will still cover major news events but perhaps not totally focused on that aspect. 

    The former one focused more on the big news happenings. 

    "Searching for God's sovereignty over it [events in the world] all." 

    Why did I decide to change the summary?

    1. I found it hard if not impossible to write in that way. 
      • It takes a long time to see God's deniable work in the world. God often moves slower than we expect Him to. 
    2. Thus, it takes months or even years for everything to draw to a close.
      • Admittedly, these chains of events make great narratives (which journalists love) but they take forever to put together (read: research and Googling). 
        • Perhaps, I shouldn't attempt to write history, but one of the things I disliked about major news outlets was that they often told the beginning of a story, but not the end.
    3. Most people live normal lives
      • Sometimes news articles seem irrelevant to our daily living. 

    Most of all, I hope that this change will inspire you more and encourage you in your walk with God!

    Feel free to join too! Click the "Apply Now" button if you want to write with me! Bilmek could use more writers :) 
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