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Made for Man

Do you ever feel worn out beyond repair? Or even like you could just stay in bed all day?

These feelings may be common, but I have a question for you. Are you fully participating in God's blessing of the Sabbath?

"The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath."
"Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God, on which you must not do any work"

God commands us not to work one day out of seven. This command is not part of the ceremonial law, it is part of the Moral law (the Ten Commandments). So, we cannot get away with not following this law anymore!

However, God's laws are always for our good, as well as for His glory. This one day out of our seven set apart for worship, rest, and mercy must be good for us. Let me tell you a story. In the early 18th century, right after the final deposition of the French monarchy, the government of the new French Republic instituted a ten-day week. Not only that, they declared that the only day for rest would be every ten days, rather than every seven. This shift was mainly to take power away from the Roman Catholic church. However, it also proved an interesting point of reference when showing that humans need rest. In less than 20 years, this calendar fell out of use. This change happened partially because the Republic's calendar was hard to use and also because man needs rest and he was not getting it under this system. Just in adding two days to the week, many became ill due to overwork and exhaustion.
Rest is good for man.

Wait! You might be saying. What about Jesus? Didn't he encourage work on the Sabbath? To which I would respond in a few ways:
1) The Jewish leaders had extended God's laws beyond where they were intended to go.
2) Jesus' work on the Sabbath consisted almost entirely of acts of mercy, which are acceptable at all times.
3) There are some things that ought not be left undone on the Sabbath. Do not use the Sabbath as an excuse for laziness. Rather, be looking for how you can serve God, and if that happens to be on a Sunday, serve Him on a Sunday.

So, I challenge you and me alike. Rest in God on the day that He appointed for our good.
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