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Autumn Adventures

Autumn Adventures
Oh, the golden leaves fall from the tree

And makes all who see it joyful be

but the leaves on the trees were not only golden

they had more wonderful colors to see as they olden

they have orange, they have yellow and they have red

and it is as any old person ever said

that when the leaves fall down from up high

then autumn is ending and winter is nigh

so the crops were picked and the fields were sown

and the leaves by the wind were wildly blown

the pumpkins were carved and pies were made

and all the young people went off to serenade

the turkeys were hunted through and through

and off to the south, all the geese fly anew

the decorations and the spirits were high,

and the fire was roaring and all were nigh,

they gathered around the wooden set tables

and put their horses up in the stables

they sat around all mouths were watering

and soon they all had rolls which they were buttering

they ate their fill through the night

and when they were done they were quite a sight

they had their fill and moved on along

for they had been working all day long

and now they headed off to bed

laying down their little heads

for they were thankful for all they had

and now they were full, they were glad
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