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The Cure to Anxiety

Have you ever felt anxious about anything? Maybe you have a science test coming up that you're really, really stressed about. Or you're auditioning for a role in a play that's making you really nervous. Or maybe life is really hard right now, are you scared about what's going to happen next?

Whatever it may be, we all get anxious sometime or another. It's common to struggle with anxiety -- you're not alone. And sometimes the anxiety is visible, other times it's not. But we can feel it inside of us. That feeling of unease, tension, fear. Personally, when I'm anxious, I feel really tense and on edge. And, just like everything else in life, everyone has different ways of noticing anxiety. 

Everyone has different ways they try to cope with it too. Maybe it's blocking out of their mind what's presently going on in life. Or reading books on self-help. Or maybe taking medication that they think will help them get through.

Friends, none of these things will truly help and give you lasting peace or satisfaction. In Philippians 4:6, the author of this epistle urges us to pray when we are anxious. I need to constantly remind myself when I'm anxious to go before my Father in prayer. 

I want to encourage you that when the next time you're feeling on edge about something happens, stop to pray. Pray that the anxiety will drop and that He will give you peace. Because James 5:19 says that the prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Let's turn our worries into prayers!
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