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To Any Christian In Hard Times

While I do not feel uniquely qualified to write this letter, these are the things I wish I would be reminded of and try to remind other Christians of when they are struggling.

"Hope springs from truths rehearsed."

Dear Friend,

YOU are loved. 
Christ cares for you and has given you the ultimate blessing. 
Life may stink right now. Life on this earth may never be what we want it to be. But there is a reason that we do hope for more and that we can have hope for more. 
God has put it in our souls to long for truth and beauty such as he provides. As creatures made in God's image, we strive to imitate him, but on the earth we will only have limitations.
But God has promised us beauty, truth, and fulfilled and everlasting joy in heaven. 
In God's promises we have our trust. In Jesus' salvation we have our hope.

You may be in desperation, wondering how you got to this place. 
You can have hope.
In 1 Samuel 1, Hannah has grievances piled against her. She prays and cries out to the Lord. And her prayer is answered, and the answer to her prayer is used in God's plan to bring a Savior.
Cry out to God. It does not have to be eloquent, but it must contain your soul's desire.

Seek brothers and sisters in Christ. Seek them as a shoulder to cry on. Seek them for company even if you don't speak. Seek them as someone to talk to and pour out your troubles to. (Talk to me if you don't have anyone you're comfortable talking to: Seek them, because it is for times of challenge and difficulty that the Church is to come together and lift one another up. 

And friends, even while you are being cared for, care for one another. Sometimes as you are ministering to someone they will minister to you (intentionally or not), and that shift can be a beautiful blessing.

You are LOVED.
Christ loves you enough to die for you.
I love you, too.

A Sister-in-Christ.

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