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Lewis & Quark


Watchful Night

Here on this dark and starry night
of black and dim, devoid of light
filled with eerie and playful sounds
of night's owls and bays of hounds
ere this long night reaches dawn
and morning breaks for doe and fawn
I will be here by your side tonight
to guard you so you sleep aright
since before you must be found awake
my hapless heart is yours to break
and though you may not stay with me
great joy is mine when you I see
and while you search after another
and my heart is being torn asunder
my love for you will always stay true
as the fact that all birds ever flew
and while you may still be my jewel
and my feelings are a whirlpool
my heart for you will stay steadfast
though you and all others rush on past
but I will hold on to the ray of hope
even if I am at the end of my rope
I am here with you all sad and blue
while the sunrise sets a brightening hue
and as you wake to the mornings light
I finish my watch and bid you goodnight.
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