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Ordinary People

There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. 

C. S. Lewis wrote these sentences at the end of “The Weight of Glory.” His statement immediately reminds me of the remarkable encounters we can have with men whom many see as ordinary.
Actually, no one is ordinary. Not only has God created us with different strengths and talents, but he has also given us unique experiences, challenges, failures, and triumphs that contribute to whom we have become.
Every conversation has eternal context. Whether the conversation lasts for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, whether or not I ever meet that person again, the person to whom I am talking has an eternal spirit, I have an eternal spirit, and somehow this conversation factors into God’s plan for my life, their life, and God’s plan for eternity. It is a beautiful truth that everyone is made in God's image and, because of that, has inherent value and beauty as well as the ability to show me some of who God is.
These thoughts challenge me to go into my next conversation purposefully. No matter how unassuming, young, old, or unpopular a person may seem, that person, created in God’s image and molded by God-ordained experiences, has unique insights to share that God may want me to hear. For, as I talk to a person, I may be delighted to catch a glimpse of God’s image in them, or, perhaps, God may be using me to be part of His voice in their life.

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