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Bonus Post: Of Susan

Many literary scholars and Narnia fans alike have wondered about Susan Pevensie’s fate. I may be biased, but I will try to find the truth of the matter.

Notice how many ‘friends of Narnia’ (as the term is used in The Last Battle) aren’t friends of Narnia when they first enter Narnia. Digory, Edmund, Shasta/Cor (though he’s not from our world), and Eustace all have close encounters with Aslan, and are transformed by these encounters. Susan, not being on the train because she was not, at the time, a friend of Narnia, would have had to endure the death of her siblings, parents, and cousin in one fell blow. As Aslan is present in England also (though known by a different name), maybe this was him providing Susan with a close encounter of her own. She most certainly went through a difficult time and in all likelihood reviewed what was important in her life. Lewis summarized what had ‘gone wrong’ with Susan in saying that ‘nylons, lipstick, and invitations had become more important to her than Narnia.’ If that is so, reviewing what was important might have changed her focus from parties to the wonderful and important times in Narnia.

Because of this change in focus, she may, eventually, have come to realize what happened to all her relations and old friends. And, as she grew and remembered, have once again become a ‘friend of Narnia,’ finding herself being called ‘further up and further in’ on that final day.
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