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August 25th, 2014 - 7:10pm

I finally reached the sixth and highest level at my dance studio and was just starting my second week of classes. It was Monday night, but for some unrecalled reason our normal Monday teacher was unable to teach, and our Artistic Director, Alma Wiley, was substituting for him.

Class was nearing its 7:15 completion and we had finally reached my favorite part, a soaring culmination of all our classwork, known as Grand Allegro. Ms. Alma had even included a Grand Jete en Tournant (commonly abbreviated as a Tour Jete) -- a turning leap which made me feel as though I were flying. I started the combination and loved every part of it, soaking in the music and the rush of the movement. I did my first tour jete and it was the best one I had ever done. I threw myself into the next one, determined to do even better. As I switched my legs in the air, I heard my right hip pop and I fell with a complete lack of grace straight to the floor. But, though I saw stars and could still feel the pop, I recovered quickly and finished both the combination and class.

For the next few weeks, as I continued taking classes, my hip bothered me and started swelling. Fifteen days after the incident, when I had finished assisting with a younger ballet class, my mom saw I was walking painfully and noticed how swollen my hip had become. In a few short days, an orthopedic doctor gave me my diagnosis -- my L4 vertebra had been fractured in two places. I would wear a back brace and do no physical activity for several months, and once that had taken effect, I would go through physical therapy, before returning to dance.

This is where my story begins. Or at least where one chapter ends and another picks up. This is the story of a musician, a dancer, a scientist, a politician, the story of both an artist and a thinker, a girl looking for where she fits, looking for what she can do that someone else hasn’t already done better.

My place in this world constantly eludes me, but maybe, just maybe, if I can write down how I got to where I am, I can see better where my path has been and see where it is going, and through all that see what I am to be doing.

~to be continued~

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