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“Just go with the flow, you’ll be fine.”

How many times have you heard these words? If you’re like me, probably a decent few- but is that really in our best interest? Is that really what God would have us do?

If you’ve ever been in a bad, stressful, or general crowd-minded situation, you’ve probably thought, “I would never do this if it were just me.” I know I have. But I was/am a goody-two-shoes and situations like that have pushed me out of my comfort zone- so I know that just because you have that thought does not mean you shouldn’t do whatever you’re about to do.

On the other hand, there have been times when that thought was a good warning signal that I didn’t listen to, and though I haven’t suffered any terrible losses or punishments for making those bad decisions, I have regretted how I spent my time.

Well, when something can be either good or bad, when a thought can be worth listening to or not, you have a choice. I can’t help you make every choice, but here are a few thoughts.

1) Does this decision go against God’s law, the law, your family’s rules, or your moral standards? If so, don’t do it.

This should be obvious, but just do a quick double check and eliminate REALLY bad ideas.

2) Is there another opportunity at the same time that aids or encourages someone physically, mentally, or spiritually?

If there is another opportunity that isn’t questionable AND helps someone, that’s often the better choice.

3) Is there something else that you need to do?

This doesn’t automatically mean you shouldn’t go along with the crowd, but keep in mind any responsibilities you have.

Finally, remember that going along doesn’t automatically make you one of “the gang.” If that’s the sole reason you’re participating, it’s probably not worth it. Never compromise your standards or your true friends just so you can be one of the “cool kids.”

On a more serious note, just because you go along with Christian folks, go to a church, a Christian school, or an annual mission trip doesn’t mean you are a Christian. The dangers of “going along” Christianity are very real.

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