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What are you doing right now?

What brought you to this page? What were you doing a few minutes ago? What did you do this morning? Last night?

Why did you do it?

If you're like many others, somewhere within the past 15 minutes or 24 hours, you escaped. You binge-watched your favorite show on Netflix, played a video game, read a book, or scrolled through Instagram. Maybe you went to a party -- not with a celebration or a purpose, but just for a "good time." Maybe you haven't done anything except these things in the past 24 hours.

None of these things are inherently evil, but we have to be careful how we use them.

We can use them as a celebration, a pause, an interesting diversion -- or we can use them as a means of escape.

Sometimes, you may need to read a book (for school, to educate yourself, or to stay informed), but when reading the book becomes the means of avoiding necessary tasks (contributing in your family, remaining productive, or fulfilling obligations) then that book has become an escape.

What do I mean by all of this?

1. We ought to remain aware of how we are using our time and energy.

2. We should be mindful of what our "escapes" tend to be.

3. KNOW that God has made us as creatures who ought to do all things as unto Him, but also creatures who need rest and to whom he gave his Sabbath.

Don't freak out -- just because you watch Netflix or have Instagram doesn't mean you are sinning when you use them. This is simply a call to be mindful as to how you use both them and your time.

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