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The Familiar and The Different

I love listening to the sound of rain. There's just something about it that's comforting. It's calm. It's relaxing. It's familiar. The gentle release of water that is so very tranquil. 

Have you ever stopped to listen closely? Have you heard a difference in the way it falls? There are always those once-in-a-while substantial downpours. The wind picks up. The rain falls more heavily. 

Those moments in the rainfall grab our attention. They're different than the familiar pit-pat of the normal. It's like the storm is saying, Pay attention. This is important. 

Then the heavy downpour stops. You relax as you hear the gentle, calm, familiar trickles of water continue to make their way down the sky. This is normal. You know this. You can feel safe. 

Rain falling is kind of like God's presence. Think about it: He's always there. We can feel his presence. Because we know it's always there, we feel calm. Relaxed. At ease. Because it's familiar. 

And then there's the substantial downpours. His voice calling out louder. His presence is stronger, different than "normal." He's saying, Pay attention. This is important. 

Are you listening for those heavy moments of the rainfall? Are you listening for those differences
Maybe you're letting yourself fall into the normal, the calm, the familiar. Friends, are you paying attention? Are you preparing yourself for those moments when He says, Rise up, I'm using you for something big. Are you ready? 

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