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A Thousand Whispers

As I close my eyes in attempt to sleep

I find that I cannot.

There is something preventing me

From the rest I crave.

I wait in fearful agony

My breath locked in my throat.

And finally, I hear them

One at a time, from the lurking shadows they emerge.

Hungry to hurt, they begin to slowly

Very slowly

Tear away at my very heart.

A thousand whispers, that's what they are

Snickering to themselves.

For they are now more than aware

I cannot help but listen.

The dread pierces like a knife, and I cringe in pain

From the lies these whispers spew

The untruths about me I've learned to believe.

"She's worthless," they'll say

"No one loves her," comes next.

"Does she think she's fooling anyone with that fake smile?"

"Everything she does fails."

"Because she's a failure."

"She only brings disappointment to others."

"She'll never be seen as beautiful."

"Her dreams and hopes are ridiculous."

"She doesn't work hard enough."

"She is weak, unequipped, and unimportant."

"Who could ever love someone like her..."

Someone like her...

Someone like her...

I open my eyes

I feel flooded by streams of tears.

The whispers grow louder, stronger

Make them stop, I beg

I don't want to believe them anymore.

Suddenly, my body feels light

I'm beginning to float.

My mind becomes clear

As an illuminating light shines brightly from above

I can feel the whispers scatter and hide

I can hear chains breaking

The light burns all the brighter.

I gaze into the majesty of its beauty

Soft and warm and comforting, it bathes me in glory.

Up from above

I hear a voice

So different from the ones I've heard.

"Daughter of mine, you are dearly loved.

Your worth exceeds the finest rubies, silver, or gold.

You are fully equipped with all you may need.

You are beautiful and courageous.

Never fall into the trap of such evil lies

For they are surely not my thoughts towards you.

Come rest, my child. Turn your ear to my words

And I will give you peace."

So I collapsed into his arms

Free at last from the thousand whispers

Which robbed me of peace.

I will forever put my trust in God

And believe his words above all else.
2 Corinthians 10:5: We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ.
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