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Stars in Darkness

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork. -Psalm 19:1

What are the Stars?

To the Ancients, they were holes in the tapestry that separated men from the gods. Nowadays, when we hear the word stars, we often think of movie stars or pop stars. Musicians such as myself may think of songs about the stars like A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay or City of Stars from La La Land. The scientist knows that stars are actually far-off suns. You may think of a big city at night, the lights on the ground looking like man's feeble attempts to replicate the stars far above.
Whatever the word brings to mind, you must realize it takes a certain darkness to see the stars. Stars always shine brighter farther away from city lights. The rise of the sun (our great star) looks all the more beautiful after a stormy night.

In the same way, happiness takes on a new meaning after tears.
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